• Hamptons on Sutter

Hamptons on Sutter

Founded in 1856, Historic Sutter Street in Folsom has a rich Old West history — and today has established itself as a destination for those who wish to experience the early architecture and character of the gold rush era. In 2012 Sutter Street completed it’s Revitalization Project and redesign effort — and Restaurateur Michael Hampton asked CMB to create an identity for his establishment that not only captured the character of Old Town, but also brought in the energy and flair of an urban drink and eatery. Hamptons, with over 15 amazing unique burger recepits and endless beers on tap set a path to be Sutter Streets most exciting new gathering spot. CMB captured its flair and vision with a raw cubistic version of the Texas Long Horn in honor of the anual running of the Longhorn down Sutter Street. To see how CMB can capture your vision,

Date: 2012 Client: Sutter on Hamptons Skills: Branding, Identity Website: hamptonsonsutter.com/